So what is a Bunny Chow?


Firstly to set the record straight ... no cute little bunnies have been used! 


Bunny Chow originates from Durban and is now sold at cafes along the beachfront. They are a surfers favourite food to warm up after a day surfing the waves at Bay of Plenty or perhaps The Wedge.  Bunny Chow is traditionally a hollowed out loaf of bread (either whole, half or quarter) with curry fillings.

Now taking bookings for 2020 & 2021


Durban Chicken Curry

Indian influence, if you like spicy fiery heat, this is for you!



Softly spiced ground beef curry with the fruitiness of the Cape Malay tradition


Veggie Bunny

Mildly spiced butternut, chickpea and spinach curry


Special of the Day

(if space allows)

Beef Pinotage, Chicken Kissinono, or Cheeky Monkey Roasted Pork

All served in a hollowed out artisan bread pot with creme fraiche, fresh coriander, Mrs Balls Chutney and tomato sambals



They are all so delicious that after so many “uummm?? I love them both, I really just don’t know which one to choose???”, we'll give you a combo if you really can’t make up your mind!

Bunny Chow Street Food Menu
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