We bring warm sunshine smiles to the UK with our tasty, delicious, yummy South African favourites! 


You can find our Now Now Bunny Chow Truck or Stall at various food festivals, music festivals and art festivals etc.  We also cater for weddings, parties and corporate events and "pop up" just about anywhere.  We are very proud of our South African Food Nights with authentic, homely menus that one back to Tannie Meraai's kitchen table. 


I grew up just outside Cape Town, South Africa,  and have to say every time we go back to visit family and friends, I feel so very lucky to have grown up in such a beautiful country which exudes warmth, colour and vibrant energy. 


Oh .. and the food ... the food is just simply amazing! 

Having had access to the best fresh ingredients, we were spoilt for choice with cooking and meals made from scratch at home.   Whether it was fresh fish or seafood, or around the braai .. weekends were spent with family eating good food.

Now Now is my homeage to all this specialness so that when you taste our food, not only are you filling your tummies but we take you on a bit of an adventure too or bring back all those wonderful memories of wonderful and exceptionally special South Africa.

Jane x

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"Did you know that in South Africa 'NOW'

means probably never, don't count on it,  

'JUST NOW'  means later, tomorrow,

perhaps never...  

but 'NOW NOW' means right now! "


          Tel:   07854 155 825      Email:
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